XDAC tokens (XDAC) will be available for purchase exclusively with Ether (ETH) from your ETH wallet. If you plan to participate in the XDAC token sale, we recommend acquiring ETH well in advance of the sale start date to ensure your ability to contribute.

Here are few steps you can follow:
1) Create ERC20 compatible wallet ( MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, more..),
2) Purchase ETH through exchanges ( Coinbase, Binance, more..),
3) Transfer ETH from exchange to your wallet,
4) Register on our website and upload verification documents to whitelist your ETH address.

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Public pre-sale will be available on May 15 16:00 UTC - Jun 30 16:00 UTC or when the Pre-sale Contribution Cap of 1,500 ETH has been reached, whichever is earlier.

You can use recommendations from Ethereum official site ethereum.org for choosing your ETH wallet. There is no any restrictions neither special requirements to the wallets you may use for purchasing our project tokens.

For sending BTC, BCH, LTC or other currencies or sending money from exchange account please contact us prior to transfer at support@xdac.co.

For amounts smaller than $10000 please use exchangers, like Coinbase. You may withdraw ETH from the exchanger to your Wallet and then purchase XDAC tokens. For amounts larger than $10000 we may offer you another payment methods. Please send the investment amount, your country, your currency and your preferred payment method to support@xdac.co.

We offer ETH contract address for investors. Once we receive payments to this address we need you to whitelist your account in Whitelist Address section when you're logged in. As soon as your address is whitelisted, your tokens will be transferred to your ETH address.

After you send your payment, it may take some time for the transaction to be completed and also for our internal system to be updated. Please note, that transaction confirmation time in Ethereum systems are dependent on transaction fee you specify. All purchased tokens typically are allocated to your personal account within few minutes after transaction is confirmed and your address is whitelisted. In case you don’t see any tokens allocated to your account in My Account section after standard 24-hour window, please, contact our support team directly at support@xdac.co.

The tokens are transferred to you as soon as your address is whitelisted. Usually it takes up to one hour after your payment in ETH to contract address was completed and you submitted verification documents for whitelisting. Your balance in My Account will be updated automatically.

You may do the Whitelisting and KYC procedure at any time, before or after buying the XDAC tokens, before or after the end of the token sale. No time restrictions here. Once you fill the Whitelisting/KYC form, we will verify your documents and your status in My Account will be updated. If it passes our verification, tokens are automatically transferred to your ETH address and you can see balance in My Account section or in your Ethereum walletyour. If it fails the verification, we will issue you a refund.

The token will be used on the xDAC Platform for dispute resolutions, pay team members, accept payments for services, profit distribution, and incentivize development.

A large number of tokens will be held on wallets of businesses and team members. Furthermore, each business is required to hold Liability fund and Retirement fund in case of team members. Therefore circulation supply will be limited which will increase demand for the token.

We will redistribute them proportionally to investors via Airdrop. This means that when the ICO ends, users will receive an additional amount of tokens according to their token holdings. This also means that if a user has bought 1% of the tokens that were actually sold, he will receive 1% of the unsold tokens, right after the ICO ends.

To add tokens to your wallet pleasu use following details:

Address: 0x2a5c5212f399aa04a0ce28dbe48c1a17fca78df4
Symbol: XDAC
Decimals: 18